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Time to complete

When marking a ticket as closed would be nice if there was an option to enter the amount of time to complete the task.


  • Add a custom field to the ticket details?
    (admin panel -> manage -> forms)
    Then you can edit the ticket and populate the field prior to closing.
  • You could also create a mod that subtracted the difference between the when the ticket opened and when the ticket was closed and add that to a new table in the db.
  • Except that your logic would be broken when tickets were re-opened.  Especially on tickets that are closed and re-opened months later.
  • Could just overwrite the old closed date. It all rather depends on the requirements; if you needed to see all the times the ticket has been opened and closed then you could record of that using the db and creating a table with that datetime information linked to the ticket by a one-to-many relation. I've not looked at the db to see how relational it is, but it would make logical sense to do it that way.
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