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tickets create via email not arrive entirely

I have problem with some tickets via email.
When someone answered to ticket email and wrote answer under my message, OSTicket dont paste it.
Same problem i have with emails forwarded to ticket email - i see just message from person who forward email.
Someone have same problem? How can I resolved this issue?


  • Admin panel -> Settings -> Emails -> uncheck "Strip Quoted Reply" ?
  • Yes it is - thanks You very much.
    For this section in setting i have blank popup when click on ?
  • Sorry not sure what you mean.
  • edited July 2014
    eh, my pure english...
    Im show what i am speaking about:
    [not nice preview, when You open img it is fine]
  • Your tooltips are not being displayed, which means your server is not answering the AJAX calls properly.  This is usually a server webserver configuration issue.

    Please post your Admin panel -> Dashboard -> Information. 
    If you have not set "cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1" please do so. 
    If you are running SELinux please disable it and try again (you can enable it after testing)
    Consult your webserver logs and see what errors are being logged.
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