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[resolved] Install - blank page upon installation setup

Hi All,
I have successfully uploaded all of files to my web server, but when I navigate to /setup I receive a blank page. (Chrome)  When I use Internet Explorer it states there is a 500 Internal Server error.  I am running php 5.4.30 .   I am running another instance of OsTicket ver 1.9 with another domain on the same web server (Linux).  Any reason why this may be happening?  Or am I completely missing something?

Thank you


  • You will need to check your PHP error log for errors, or turn on error display in osTicket.  Generally speaking a blank page really only shows up if there is PHP error stoping things.

    Instructions on how to turn on error displaying are here:
  • edited July 2014
    Here is what my log states:
    [23-Jul-2014 12:12:35] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in /home2/username/public_html/clients/bgcollaborate/ticket/include/class.plugin.php on line 122
    [23-Jul-2014 12:56:59] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in /home2/username/public_html/clients/bgcollaborate/ticket/include/class.plugin.php on line 122
  • That type of error (unexpected T_STATIC) usually happens when your webserver is not utilizing PHP 5.3+ for the site. Do you have more than one version of PHP installed on the server?  You may need to use a .htaccess to tell it to specifically use 5.3+.
  • That was it :)

    Thanks for the help Ntozier.

  • Very welcome. :)  I'll mark this as resolved and close it. 

    If you have another question please feel free to start a new thread. :)
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