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different behaviour when a help topic is selected to add a custom form


when I use a heltopic to add a custom form, this only works during the ticket creation process or when an email ticket filter is used.

In contrast to that if I edit a ticket, the helptopic selection doesn't add the custom form.

I have seen that you made an improvement for that case, to make it possible adding the custom form manually.

I think this works well but it is not intuitive for the users that the behaviour is different in this case.

It would be very nice when you could adjust this to be more consistent in the future.

Don't misunderstand me, I don't want that you remove the possibility to add forms manually.

I think only, when someone edits a ticket, the behaviour should be the same as the users are known from the ticket creation process.

Or do you have reasons that this behaviour should be different in this two cases (ticket creation, ticket editing)?

I know you now have much more important things on your roadmap (language system, skin system, etc.) but maybe sometime?

By the way I would like to say that osTicket is a great product and I'm really impressed of the professional work of all the people that are involved in this!


  • Thank you for the feedback, as well as the kudos in the last paragraph. :)
    I agree with you that its a little kludgy at this time, and am hoping that it gets revised.
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