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Create client account on HTTP Pass-Through


Is it possible to create a new client account automatically when a new client login via HTTP Pass-Through with LDAP?
I am looking at the code of the UserHttpAuthentication class in the HTTP- Pass-Through plugin and trying to figure how to create a new client account if it does not exist in the system

            else {
                // No such account. Attempt a lookup on the username
                $users = parent::searchUsers($username);
                if (!is_array($users))

                foreach ($users as $u) {
                    if (0 === strcasecmp($u['username'], $username)
                            || 0 === strcasecmp($u['email'], $username))
                        // User information matches HTTP username
                        return new ClientCreateRequest($this, $username, $u);
return new ClientCreateRequest($this, $username, $u);

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


  • Sorry I haven't played with http pass-though at all [but have been meaning to].  Maybe one of the others who has will be able to give you a better answer.
  • That's all right, thank you for you reply.

    but would you be so kind to point me to the right direction on the simplest way to create a client account.?
    i tried to take a loot around, but things seems to complicated for me to understand.
    maybe i can do some trial and error. lol
  • Staff Panel -> Users -> Add User

    Or if you want to bulk create accounts Staff Panel -> Users -> Import
  • Thanks ntozier for your quick answer
    but what I meant was how to add it programmatically.

    But anyway, I've done it by a very dirty work around for now, i.e., directly write it into the database..

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