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API suggestion/request - Make IP Optional

I'm fairly new to osTicket - Switched from HESK a few days ago.
This is my first serious installation of ofTicket which I intent to use for the coming years.

So far so good...

The API for osTicket is really handy, but I had to modify it slightly to make the IP validation obsolete - The way I implemented it requires a single API key to work on hundreds if not thousands sites all over the net. (Yep - I embedded a support form in my product!)

Seeing that fixing this "issue" took me about 5 minutes and a change in 2 or 3 lines in the api file on the receiving end I'd imagine it would be very easy to make the IP validation optional as an official option.
A simple checkbox "Validate IP on submission" or something would do the trick.

If this, for whatever reason, opens up a security thing - Add a salt or 2nd hash to it.
Similarly to what Pushover ( does with their API. Which again - seems easy to implement and could be optional.


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