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Filter to an organization

We have multiple alarm systems and use osTicket to receive and track those alarms. As different organizations "own" alarms from different sources it would be nice if we could use filters to not only assign a new ticket to staff which we currently do, but also to filter to an organization or user.

Thank you for a fantastic product!


  • It sounds to me like you are suggesting functionality that you can easily implement already, or use your own mail server to achieve. 

    I would presume that each alarm system has it's own email that its sending as (  And that each has its own alerts get sent to address.

    You would simple make a "user" for the from address and assign the user to the organization that you want to add it to.

    Separate FROM or TO addresses could be utilized in ticket filters to assign to specific departments, or to specific staff.

  • This is what I am currently doing. But our SCADA systems are often run through a cloud service and those service providers have a default email address that the alarms send from ( - so no matter who our client is, if they use the same SCADA provider their tickets get assigned to the same organization.

    We do use the filters to pull keywords and filter to the correct staff member, but would like the option of also filtering to an organization (or user).

    I can also see where you might have multiple unknown users submitting tickets and you could use filters to pull out keywords from their messages to filter to an organization. Might help some other osTicket users out there.

    Thanks for your suggestion!
  • You're very welcome.  :)

    Could you have those systems send to separate emails based on the client having the issue?

    i.e. client Boston Inc. could have their SCADA system send to boston-ticket@yourdomain.tld.
         client NTO could have their SCADA system send to nto-ticket@yourdomain.tld.

    You could create those as separate emails on your mail server (or even use aliases) and then setup additional emails to poll for tickets in osT.  the use ticket filters to
    User / Email Address, Equal, boston-ticket@yourdomain.tld assign ticket to Department foo.
    User / Email Address, Equal, nto-ticket@yourdomain.tld assign ticket to Department bar.
    You can also setup users in osT boston-ticket and nto-ticket with those email addresses, and assign them to whatever Organization you want. :)

    Gosh I feel long winded today.
  • I've done something similar - but being able to filter to various items in a custom list would still be very helpful. I'll have to work with the existing structure for now I guess.

    Thanks for all the tips!
  • You are very welcome. 

    Should I mark this thread as resolved, and close it?
  • I believe it is resolved in that the feature doesn't exist - I'll add it to the feature request list.

    This topic can be closed.

    Thank you!
  • Closing thread. :)
This discussion has been closed.