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Stale Ticket Alerts: Any way to send only these to managers? (Escalation)

Hi everyone

We'd like to find a way to send only stale ticket alerts to a few key users (managers).  We don't want them to see every new ticket, since the team should be working away to close those tickets.  However, if an SLA is exceeded (read: stale ticket) we'd like that alert to be sent up the organizational chart.

Is there a way to send stale ticket alerts only to a collection of users without sending them regular ticket alerts?

Thanks in advance for your help



  • Please go to:
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices

    And see:
    Overdue Ticket Alert
  • thanks, i'm aware of what's in the Alerts & Notices section for sure.

    But there's no way to setup users to receive stale ticket alerts and not new ticket alerts
  • You are correct that there is no way to setup users to receive stale ticket alerts.  Nor should they though.

    You are not correct that there is no way to setup users to not receive new ticket alerts. You can shut off new ticket alerts for users at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Autoresponder by unticking "New Ticket" and "New Ticket by Staff".
  • I used "users" incorrectly.  Sorry.  I meant staff.  I would like staff to receive stale ticket alerts.

    you're totally right.  i can do that, but it doesn't get me to where i need to be.

    i want to setup only some staff in OSTicket (directors) to receive alerts when a ticket exceeds its SLA.  and for managers and team members to receive stale ticket alerts AND new ticket alerts.  

    i hope that's a little clearer

    and thanks for the thoughtful replies.  you're obviously one of the people who really makes this community great.

  • Ah gotcha.  Yeah, Users and Clients are synonymous.  While Staff is usually referred to as staff.  Hence my confusion.

    The Stale ticket alert is the alert generated when a ticket exceeds its SLA.  It's called "Overdue Ticket Alert" in the Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices.  IF you navigate there you can see that your options currently are: Assigned Staff / Team, Department Manager, and Department Members. 

    You should be able to create an account for your directors and add them to a Team or a Department should you want them to receive these notices (in this case I think Team would suit your needs).  And then under the New Ticket Alert just do members.

    As a side thought maybe you could set the department manager to the "director" email and then add the current manager to as a member?  (just a thought).

    You're very welcome for the replies, I try my best to assist everyone I can here.  :)
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