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Displaying &,", and other Symbols In OSTicket Web Interface

Hello OSTicket community,

To start, we are running OSTicket 1.7.7 on a SLES 11 SP 3 Linux Box. 

This server is running PHP Version 5.2.16, as we have compatibility issues with older versions of PHP integration with our email server.

The email server is running groupwise 2012, and our clients use the standard groupwise client to send and receive mail.

Finally, here is the issue. 

When a client replys to an email, the previous email senders data is automatically added to the top for archiving purposes. The way its formatted is

>>> <Name of Sender> Data and Time >>>
>>> <> 1/2/2000 1:22 PM >>>

in OS Ticket, this data becomes mutilated due to the web client being unable to show the characters <,>,&," and ' properly. We need OS Ticket to properly display these characters in the Ticket Threads. Is there a simple way to do this? Is this a problem on the page itself, or is it a problem when OS Ticket pulls the emails from it's associated email account? What logs would you like to see to better assist you in fixing this issue? 

Thank you again for your time.


  • Have you tried shutting off HTML threads?
  • In the ticket settings?

    There is a [Clickable URLS] checkbox, but not an HTML threads box. Is it somewhere else or called a different name?
  • Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Enable HTML Ticket Thread:
  • image
    I don't see it. I swear I'm not crazy.
  • Aha! You're running 1.7.x I don't think that feature was added until the 1.8 tree.
    So that would be why you don't see it.  I'm not sure then...   I'll ping the devs, but I'm not sure how supportive they will be on 1.7since at this point they are only trying to release maintenance patches for it.
  • Understandable, although its unfortunate if I cannot do anything about it. Thank you.
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