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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Add Statuses to Your Tickets

Hey everyone!  I am sorry it took so long to update from the 1.8 version of the mod but the summer has been really hectic at work.

I have all the code over on github (  You should be able to download a ZIP copy of it and copy the files over to your server.  Please backup your server files and SQL database before attempting any modifications to your infrastructure. This is just good practice and I am not responsible for any problems it may cause.  

Please Note: This is an alpha release of the 1.9 module pack developed for osTicket version 1.9.3.  I have installed the module pack on a new system and everything appears to be running great, but I have not done rigorous testing of the module.  

This module does not have the capability to upgrade from my 1.8 version yet, as there have been some pretty substantial changes between both osTicket 1.8 and 1.9 and my module.  I am working on those changes next.  If you need help with the initial configuration, take a look at the wiki page on GitHub (

If you find any issues with the module, please feel free to email me ( or if you encounter an error please help me out and report it on github (  The same goes if you guys want something added to the mod pack.

Hope you guys find this useful!



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    Thanx a ton Andy above update works for me on admin panel .can you pls give me one more solution i have to show this on user end of the ticket system pls let me know hows it happens .admin panel it works fine but on user end how can i show this..Pls Let me know if you have any solution.
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    Hi, after module initialisation "ticket list view" starts to load very slow, it take few minutes to show all tickets: one by one

    all module features work fine!!!! Thank you

    Version 1.9.3 (test installation, not clear)

  • please advise me where i went wrong. i got this error after the mod was enabled. all working except the ticket details.
  • I have same problem too peppapig 
  • Wonder why the base osTicket did not adopt this plugin, instead of brewing their own.. and leaving out the Ticket List layouts... 
  • @marook - we develop osTicket openly and do accept pull requests and contribution from the community.
  • @marook

    I have not gone through the work to get the module integrated with osTicket. 

    I am working on updating the plugin to 1.9.4 and utilizing the new status included in osTicket so that I can make a pull request.
  • Sounds like a great mod.  Any additional news on the version for 1.9.4?   
  • @NorthWind,

    I was hoping to have the first release out last weekend however I work got hold of me.  I have most of it transitioned to 1.9.4, I need to complete a couple more things, most importantly the ability to update previous versions of the module.  I have focused on new installations as it is the easiest way to make sure it is working right.

    I am hoping this weekend I will have an alpha release out, I just want to make sure it is quality!
  • Personally, I'm super excited to see the results. This sounds like it would be perfect for us.... :-) Thanks for your hard work and dedication.
  • Build 1008 of my module is ready to go (you can get it here:

    If you run into any issues, please be sure to post them on GitHub so I can take a look.  I have tested this pack on a fresh osTicket v1.9.4 install and I have also tried it on an osTicket v1.9.3 install with my Build 1006 module pack.  Both of them worked perfectly.  Please, make sure that you create a copy of your web directory and database before installing any module.

    If you would like to see anything added, please feel free to submit that on GitHub as well and I will look into adding it.


  • edited November 2014
    so I started with a fresh install of 1.9.4 and then updated it with the mod files; when I go to Admin > Settings > Manage > Modules and then tick and execute the "Initialize Module Package Now" option under "Ticket Status Module" it comes back with the error message of "Unable to update settings - correct errors below and try again" but there is nothing listed "below" on which to go on.  

    Further, the database issues the following error message:
    [CREATE TABLE ost172_mod_status_object(id INT(64) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, PRIMARY KEY(id), objectName VARCHAR(64), tag INT(16) NULL DEFAULT NULL)] Table 'ost172_mod_status_object' already exists

    ---- Backtrace ----
    #0 (root)/include/mysqli.php(177): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1050', '[CREATE TABLE o...')
    #1 (root)/include/staff/ db_query('CREATE TABLE os...')
    #2 (root)/include/staff/ initialize('status')
    #3 (root)/scp/settings.php(48): update_modules()
    #4 {main}
    Thoughts or ideas on problem??
  • Are you upgrading the module from a previous build?
  • Can someone please tell me if this is working for v1.9.5.1?

    Thank you
  • I installed it on 2 test systems, both version and 1.9.6 and the module itself seems to work ,however the auto responder emails are not being sent out. I am not sure if that is the cause. Let me know what you find.
  • actually i have got it working on 1.9.6 
    so far no problems
  • @rowlandan25 my ticket details are missing after installing the mod. i am using version 1.9.3 with status module - v1.9.3-1006 Alpha ...please advise
  • hey Guys,

    i have an error an cannot save the seetings

    The settings can not be updated - Please correct the errors and try again

    SQL Error

    [SELECT propertyName, valueCurrent FROM ost_mod_status_object_properties WHERE objectId=]

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

    ---- Ablaufverfolgung ----

    #0 D:\xampp\htdocs\OSTicket\include\mysqli.php(177): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1064', '[SELECT propert...')

    #1 D:\xampp\htdocs\OSTicket\include\staff\ db_query('SELECT property...')

    #2 D:\xampp\htdocs\OSTicket\scp\module.php(143): include_once('D:\xampp\htdocs...')

    #3 {main}

    what is the problem?

  • Will you be mod'ing this for 1.10?
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