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Filtering by arbitrary email header values

We have a main helpdesk account with a number of aliases that (should) auto-set help topics and assign to different teams.  For now, we have to do the filtering in the Exchange mail flow rules, looking at the original To address to prepend a tag to the subject and then filter in osticket based on 'subject contains'. 

When we tried it without, osticket only sees the "To" as the main account, even though the original address is in the header.  It would be great to contain this all within osticket, since the helpdesk admins have to request the exchange admins make/update the rules.  (full disclosure, we're a small shop and all admins of both ;)  it would just be easier not to have to change things in two places)

If we could create a filter based upon two regex enabled fields (header key and value), we could do everything from within OsTicket.

Many thanks for the best helpdesk out there :)  We love that you've kept it focused on helpdesk and haven't tried to add in the kitchen sink (I'm looking at you, Sysaid...)
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