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Organisation pagination

Pagination link in org directory targets to users directory, while org is needed.
There is a bug in include/staff/templates/users.tmpl.php line 36:

Line should looks like this for correct pagination:


  • edited October 2014

    Dear SavRog,

    I found that the issue still exists in v1.9.4-rc4, and follow your provided information to change the code.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,

  • I've forwarded this information to the devs.
  • edited March 2015

    Dear ntozier,

    The issue still exists in v1.9.6 with include/staff/templates/users.tmpl.php line 39:
    $pageNav->setURL('users.php', $qs);

    The correct code should be:
    $pageNav->setURL('orgs.php?id=',$org->getId(), $qs);

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