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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Large XSS vulnerabilities in osTicket 1.9.2

My co-workers like to break things that I have worked long and hard on and found some cross site scripting vulerabilities in the current version of osTicket. The following link shows some details. LINK

Does anyone know how I can patch this, instead of waiting for another version release?

 My co-worker was able to inject a script after creating a new ticket that redirected to another webpage, and was able to change the Helpdesk Name/Title. This co-worker has admin privileges, so that may or may not increase his access to change things via XSS.

Thanks for any input!


  • I've asked the devs to take a look at this.  1.9.3 is already out though and did address some xss vuls.

    Also that page says 1.9.1 in the url, the breadcrumbs, and Cpe Name:cpe:/a:osticket:osticket:1.9.1.  However the description of the vul states 1.9.2.  This could already be fixed with these:

    • Fix XSS vulnerability in phone number widget (#1025)
    • Fix several XSS vulnerabilities in client and staff interfaces (#1024, #1025)


  • Yeah, I upgraded after I posted this (to 1.9.3), but there still seems to be some XSS issues lying around. I upgraded Aug. 7th, and today (Aug 8th) my co-worker was able to submit a ticket that redirected you to another website entirely.

    I'll have to ask him how these are being exploited, maybe he'll give me some insight.

    Thanks, btw. you're always very helpful.
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