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Where can I find the translation files ?


I am new to OSTicket and I would like to change the language manually into Dutch. Where can I find these files ?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


  • The translations are not implemented yet. You must wait till version 1.9.4 rc1 is released. But this is not a stable release!
  • I'm not sure that 1.9.4 rc1 will have finalized the translation feature. [I haven't heard either way yet, but I suspect not].

    Using the language files right now will break your installation.  They are not ready for production and should not be used at this time.  There will be an announcement when they are available.
  • I heard 1.9.4 rc1 will have the translation feature implemented here: There is announced that (some of the) phase 2 translations will be available in this release candidate. Ok, phase 3 has not startet (translateable help topics etc.) but most of the users will be already happy when the gui (phase 2) is available in other languages. But I had forgotten to say that not all languages are complete. Even dutch. I have heard from Jared (crowdin) that a language must be at least 75% translated and at least 10% approved to find it's way in the release. So there is some work to do (dutch is 37 % translated)..
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