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Inline Image Display

It would be great to display attached images inline (and multiple attachments per post), rather than as attachments.



  • What I've found (we're mostly on an exchange environment, may hold true for other systems as well) is that inline images do show up, if they're attached as such.

    EG:  In outlook, you can attach > picture and it embeds the picture in the message, as opposed to attaching the image as an attachment. For other attachments, that's not the case.
  • And you're saying it shows up inline in the body of the ticket?

    When composing a ticket via the web interface, there's not a way (that I can find) to display an image inline.  Same for FAQ entries, where we REALLY need images.

  • click on new ticket.
    fill in user
    click on insert image

    in the result pop up box drag and drop your image where it says "drop file here"

    click insert and see image inserted inline
  • DOH! I was just using the "Choose file' button on the "Attachments" line. I'm iconically challenged!

  • Very welcome. :)
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