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Open the Wiki for user contributions

I appreciate that osTicket generate revenue by hosting and offering install and customisation services, and therefore it could be argued that some short term gain is had in keeping public documentation to a minimum.
But the content of the wiki doesn't go much further past the initial configuration, and it would have to be my only gripe of the software, - lack of documentation.

I am setting up osTicket on behalf of an engineering and support department and their knowledge of IT systems is limited to facebook, and google, so I am about to start documenting osTicket in such a way as a Department Admin can understand. I also want to build their capacity and confidence in ICT by documenting more advanced features that a Super Admin would like to read. Ticket filters, email polling, template edits.

So in the spirit of open source I would like to suggest that the Wiki be opened for user submissions. I am happy to enter information based on real world scenarios using plain English.

With over 5000 posts / comments per major release on this forum its evident to me that a little extra documentation might be in order.

As far as I can see the Wiki only allows edits, not submissions. Even if content were posted for review, and edited by osTicket staff before publishing, that would surely help the task along.


  • I think that the plan is actually to close the wiki, and go with some other solution.
    I do agree that documentation is a little lacking however.  I've tried to help by writing things over at
    I would he happy to add more documentation and howTo's. :)
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