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[resolved] Cannot fetch emails to open tickets


I am just setting up OsTicket 1.9.3 on our Plesk and I am having issues with fetching the emails. I have gone through all the settings and everything looks as it should be. Outgoing emails are not havign an issue and I can open tickets by sending out. But if you email are system email address then this does NOT open a ticket like it should. Maybe I am missing something very basic but all the settings look correct from my previous experience with OsTicket 1.6. The emails are definitely reaching our server but not getting sucked into OsTicket.

Any ideas would be much appreciated and I will also provide any more information that is required?

Many thanks,
New to the forum so please go easy! :)


  • Did you set up cron/scheduled task or piping to get emails from the mail server to the osTicket system? If not take a look at the email guide in the wiki (
  • did you ever get an answer I am having the exact same issue verbatim...
  • edited August 2014

    Since David23 didn't reply to Chefkeks' question, he probably got if fixed (maybe by doing what Chefkecks suggested).

    If you're having the "exact same issue verbatim", see the post above yours. I guess it's okay to hijack the topic, since the original poster seems to have forgotten it.

  • I actually did setup the cron and it works like a champ, the piping didnt work, but now email is working fine this issue is resolved for me.

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