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Auto-assign ticket to the first email replier

We have just configured osTicket 1.9.2.  We are planning to use the system via email.   Our clients will send requests to an email address.  osTicket will generate a ticket and notify the associated team members within our staff.  We will rarely use the web interface, mostly just to close existing tickets.  Here is the workflow I would like to setup:

    (working) customer email comes in -> autoresponse to the customer is generated, notification sent to all staff members that a new request came in.
    (working) customer responds to an existing request ->  notification sent to all staff members
    (working - somewhat inconsistently) staff member replies (via email) to a request ->  notification sent to customer AND to all other staff members.  (the notification goes out to the customer most of the time, but internal staff members do not receive copies of the reply)
    (not working) - new email comes in ->  staff member replies via email, the ticket is automatically assigned to that staff member.   (this is not working at all.  i can't get osTicket to automatically assign the ticket to first person who generates a response via email. the staff member's reply does appear to be logged in the ticket)

Is there a way I can get basically the following to work:

1.  the first person who replies via email to the notification of a new ticket in the system, gets assigned that ticket.
2.  any replies to any ticket get broadcast to all team members.
3.  without using piping (we are on Exchange), check IMAP more frequently.  I can do cron tricks to run the check every 30 seconds, but that doesn't seem like the way to go.

Thanks in advance! 


  • Here are just a thought regarding email piping on an Exchange server.

    You mentioned that you can't set up email piping because you are on Exchange. I have no experience with Exchange, but did you have a look at this post? I know it's not exactly your environment, but it might give you some ideas how email piping can be set up on Exchange.

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