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[resolved] osTickets send a lot of error mails

After succesful running the setup I receive a lot of error mails like

[SELECT ticket.ticket_id,ticket.`number`,ticket.dept_id,ticket.staff_id,ticket.team_id, ticket.user_id  ,dept.dept_name,ticket.status,ticket.source,ticket.isoverdue,ticket.isanswered,ticket.created  ,CAST(GREATEST(IFNULL(ticket.lastmessage, 0), IFNULL(ticket.reopened, 0), ticket.created) as datetime) as effective_date  ,CONCAT_WS(" ", staff.firstname, staff.lastname) as staff, as team  ,IF(staff.staff_id IS NULL,,CONCAT_WS(" ", staff.lastname, staff.firstname)) as assigned  ,IF(ptopic.topic_pid IS NULL, topic.topic, CONCAT_WS(" / ", ptopic.topic, topic.topic)) as helptopic  ,cdata.priority_id, cdata.subject,, email.address as email  FROM ost_ticket ticket  LEFT JOIN ost_user user ON = ticket.user_id  LEFT JOIN ost_user_email email ON = email.user_id  LEFT JOIN ost_user_account account ON (ticket.user_id=account.user_id)  LEFT JOIN ost_department dept ON ticket.dept_id=dept.dept_id  LEFT JOIN ost_staff staff ON (ticket.staff_id=staff.staff_id)  LEFT JOIN ost_team team ON (ticket.team_id=team.team_id)  LEFT JOIN ost_help_topic topic ON (ticket.topic_id=topic.topic_id)  LEFT JOIN ost_help_topic ptopic ON (ptopic.topic_id=topic.topic_pid)  LEFT JOIN ost_ticket__cdata cdata ON (cdata.ticket_id = ticket.ticket_id)  LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_priority pri ON (pri.priority_id = cdata.priority_id) WHERE ticket.user_id = 1 ORDER BY ticket.created DESC]

Unknown column 'cdata.priority_id' in 'field list'<br />
<br />

What failed while setup and what can I do now?


  • I believe that you can ignore this error.
  • I believe that you can ignore this error.
    You mean, it's totally normal for osTicket so select a field of the database table which does not exists?!
    You mean, I should ignore the > 12 e-mails with this problem? 

    I believe, that's part of an other problem and the result of unclean setup scripts.
  • The cdata table is not a static table ad is supposed to be created on the fly.  If you are not actively getting them... then yes you can ignore them.
  • Okay, I was unclear, excuse me.

    I receive the upper error mail EACH TIME I visit my ticket list where ticket #1 is not visible.
  • Please let us know if you are still getting these errors after you remove the language pack,
  • A fresh install (including dropping the database, of course) without the german language pack resolves the problem.

    I receive no more error mails. Thank you ntozier!
  • Woohoo!  (We're on a roll!)
    You're very welcome.  I will mark this as resolved and close it also. 
    As the other posts mention, please feel free to start a new thread if you have another question, etc.
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