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Canned responses for agents on new tickets arrival?

Hi guys,

my colleagues asked if it's possible to send a special mail for specific forms to the agents, so that they get all info from the form (via the variables) in the mail which would be helpful especially when they are "on the go / move" and not at the office.

For the end users this is possible using the forms (variables), ticket filters and a canned response.
But for the agents there seems to be no possibility to get that info - or do I miss that?

So, would be great to have that feature (:



  • I'm not real sure why you would need to use a canned response to staff...  You can edit the following:

    Admin panel -> Emails -> Templates -> YOURTEMPLATES

    Under Staff Ticket Templates, Edit your New Ticket Alert
    You can additionally edit your New Message Alert also.
  • Maybe "Canned repsonse" was a bit misleading here.

    My colleagues basically complained that when a user fills out a form, all they see is the "Issue Summary" and the "Issue Details" in the email that they get as agents. So they asked my to make different email templates for different forms, so they can directly see in the mail all the important details of a form that has been filled out.

    My thought was then to do some kind of "canned responses" for agents. They want it especially for the case when they are not at the office (e.g. in the train or somewhere else) an quickly checking their mails with their phone.

    Will play a bit around with variables, maybe it's possible to edit the default "new ticket alert" template to include all variables from different forms, but only show the ones with values without breaking / causing a lot of blank line or showing the variables names when there is no value for the variable - btw. also an idea from one of my colleagues.

    Thank you for response ;)

    PS: Sometimes such feature requests appear not to be useful / a good idea to others. I noticed that myself a few times when I read through feature suggestions / requests from other and thought "why would you want / need that?". Guess this one here is such a suggestion / request too :D
  • It sounds like to me that there should be a "toggle" on each help topic that has a "include information in New Ticket Alerts" or something similar. :) 

    I like this idea.
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