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Server Specs for osTicket

Hi Guys,

can please give me an advice on a server specs that i can use with osTicket?
I'm expecting around 1-1.5k tickets a day.

Thanks in advance.


  • Our current server is running Windows 2008 with 2 cpus (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7- 8837 @ 2.67GHz) with 4gb RAM and runs the database server, IIS, two osTicket installations, and 8 external facing web pages.  While we do not have 1 to 1.5k tickets perday (closer to 30-50) we're also running 12 databases, and a bunch of domain we pages. Our cpus usually sit around 40% usage. I would be surprised if you needed much more than what we're using.
  • correction: 4%.  (I have no idea why I typed 40%)
  • Thanks a lot for the info ntozier... ill consider this setup...
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