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API Topic and Phone Number

Hi everyone,
After having some initial teething trouble we have now got the API ticket submit working perfectly!

But we would like to send some additional information to the ticket created using the API.

Topic ID
Phone Number
Extension Number

I have tried adding into the array the value for topicid but I get an error 'topicid: Unexpected data received in API request'

$data = array(
'name'      =>      $fullname,
'email'     =>      $emailaddress,
'subject'   =>      $subject,
'message'   =>      $messagedetails,
'ip'        =>      $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],
'topicid' => $topicid,
'attachments' => array(),

I know under previous API versions (, you can just add them.

But there is nothing mentioned under this version, anyone know what the variable names are the API is expecting?



  • *Bump*

    Anyone any offers?
  • Have you tried look at at: Admin panel -> Manage -> forms.  The variable names are listed there.
    I don't know about topic id specifically though.
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