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POP does not fetch customer responses to tickets

I'm having an issue getting POP configured properly for osTicket. Some basic information, just in case:

- osTicket: v1.9.3
- Server: Apache
- PHP: v5.4.31
- MySQL: v5.0.96

I've got everything set up properly, to my eye. Customers can send a ticket from the web interface, and I can see and respond to those tickets in osTicket's SCP. But when a customer attempts to respond (via email) to my own response, it does not update the ticket or appear at all in the SCP.

I've set up POP and SMTP credentials for the email address (and fetching is enabled), within the SCP. The email address' username, password, port, etc. are all correct, and the SCP accepts all of this as expected, and does not display any error messages. Also, I can log into the email account just fine via my webmail interface, and I can see that my inbox is definitely receiving the customer's email response.

But, the email just sits there -- osTicket is not fetching it as I expect it to. Why not? What would the problem be?


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