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Release notes mess

Hi all,

I have just upgraded to 1.9.3 from 1.7.3. After a quick look the improvements seem amazing. Congratulations to everyone involved for a great job!

Nevertheless I wanted to point out the state of the release notes and the links to them. I think they are a important piece of information, necessary to know what has changed so you can adapt.

Once the upgrade procedure finishes you get a "What to do next?" text box to the right of the page, recommending you to read the release notes and pointing you to this link. As you can see the latest info in that page is for version 1.7.1: "osTicket v1.7.1- Stable Release (September 03, 2013)".

You are also pointed to the same page in the ticket that the upgrade opens automaticaly "osTicket Upgraded!":
osTicket upgraded successfully! Please refer to the Release Notes ( for more information about changes and new features.
Searching for the real 1.9.3 release notes in, I found the blog's post for 1.9.3 release, which has a link to the release notes. But when I hovered over the link I realized it actually reads 1.8 in it: !!, making you think this is all a mistake again. But then clicking on it you are taken to a page with the release notes for 1.9.3. Actually it contains release notes for 1.8 and 1.9 branches. It seems like it was too much work creating a new page for 1.9 and therefore 1.8 page was reused instead.

Maybe this is just me, but IMHO this small things might mislead newcomers into thinking the project is neglected and/or unprofessional, and scare them away.



  • Unfortunately I need to agree to that, but need to mention that I guess the developers already/also know that and will change it in the future with a github repo without a version number etc. ;)
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