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IP logging

Is it possible for OS Ticket to log the IP under a field that only tech's could see? We have a system that automatically logs the current IP of the machine submitting the tech ticket and lets us log in via ARD into that machine easily. It would preferably be internal staff only but is not necessary. Would it also be possible to grab the IP of the submitter every time they make a change to the ticket?


  • I know that the IP is grabbed when a new ticket is opened through the web form, but I guess it's not grabbed every time a user adds a reply to the ticket.

    Agents and admins should see the IP inside the ticket detail view under "Source: Web (" near to the top of the ticket details view.

    To get the IP every time a users responses to a ticket, I guess you need to mod your osTicket installation.
  • Alright. Thanks for the help.
  • Very  welcome.
  • Hey @zackmccauley should I mark this thread as resolved and close it?
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