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System default logo taken from another paralel osticket installation

Hi all,

I have done a new osticket 1.9.3 installation in a server where I also have a osticket 1.7.3 running for some time (this is because they are for totally unrelated departments).

The new installation has it's own directory for osticket, own database (same mysql install but different database), own database user, etc... So they share server but they are totally different ailosated installations.

So how was my surprise when I logged in as admin in the new 1.9.3 install and I see as 'System Default Logo' the custom logo I'm using in the 1.7.3 install. Just to verify, I logged in as admin in the 1.7.3 and checked that the logo is also there set as 'System Default Logo' and not as 'custom logo', which I think would be the reasonable. I think I messed this up myself some time ago when upgrading my first 1.7.0 install, I just don't remember how. But even so I don't understand how the new install is also using this logo as 'System default' if these two installations are supposedly isolated from each other.

¿Does anyone know what might have happened?, ¿how to fix?.



  • I also have multiple osTicket installations running on the same server, but never noticed something like this. Don't know what you've done, but I suggest to easily set up a third instance of osticket and check if this also happens at this third instance. Have no other idea at the moment where to start with this strange "error".
  • Sounds to me like your pointing to the old database.  You might want to check your ost-config.php to be sure that you are actually point this to a new database.
  • Sorry, I've been busy testing the new versions that I forgot to come back to this.

    Thank you guys for replying.

    I have come to realize that since I have several parallel installations (from production and testing) sometimes the browser messes up and i see images from one installation into another and have to press CTRL+F5 for the browser to download and display the right image.

    So I guess this is not a osTicket fault after all, right?

  • You're right, sounds like a typical browser cache issue and not an osTicket issue. Especially with multiple instance I always use the private mode (since the cache is cleared) of the browser - better than remembering to CTRL+F5 all time :D ;)
  • @Chefkeks
    Thanks for an excellent tip!. I'll be using that from now on :)

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