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Cant login scp after new installation

Dear All
I just setup a new ost but after installation when i browse it appear 

Authentication Required

Help me please.


  • You need to login with the administrative user you created during osTicket setup.

    Additionally please provide more information, so we can better assist you:
  • Dear Chefkeks
    Thanks for the info. I not even cant log in. when browse the scp its appear 

    Authentication Required

    I cant even see the login area.
  • Usally the login form is below this "authentication required" message. If you don't see that, I guess something is wrong with your server and/or osTicket setup. So please provide more info about it.
  • Have you consulted your error logs?
    (PHP and webserver)

    You haven't really given us much to go on even after @chefkeks gave you the url with the posting guidelines.  You may want to help us to help you by reading that url and provide us with some more information.
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