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Closed / Open status and dates in ticket search query during a from-to date period

I have 3 questions I need help with. 

1. In the ticket list it shows Created date. I need it to also show Last Closed date (if a ticket is open, closed date will be blank). How do I go about this?
2. From the Advanced search Query, the From date and To date refer to the date ticket was opened, regardless of the status selected. I need to show both 
a) ALL tickets that were in OPEN status thru these dates.
b) ALL tickets whose Opened or Closed date falls during this period.  

3. Can OS ticket show the date of current status as well as opened date?


  • Any suggestions on the above would be most welcome!
  • Doesn't anyone make use of Ticket 'Close Dates' here?
  • Unfortunately the data rage is limited to create date at the moment. We're in the process of redesigning the advanced search widget to be a little more dynamic and allow for multi-selection of field entries.
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