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Updating an old slightly modified version pf OS ticket

We modified a small amount of queries and columns and certain displays on screens in our first OSticket installation. I think version is v1.6 ST
Since then we have not updated the software and have no idea what was changed in later OSTicket versions. 
1. Can we update ours without losing or effecting modifications we made? 
2. If not, should we? 
3. If yes, how is best to go about it?


  • Nobody but you can answer your questions (except possibly #3), because nobody knows (or needs to know) what you modified.

    If you can't change it back, then you should back up your database and the osticket directory, then try to upgrade it.  If it breaks, simply restore your backups.

    Whenever you make code changes to a software package, you run the risk of breaking it. Sometimes you will know it's broken immediately, but sometimes you may create security vulnerabilities that are not visible.  Sometimes it will simply break the process of applying upgrades.

  • edited September 2014
    I would like to second @JackRogers and add that you should really use a source code management (SCM) system like git to manage your modifications (we use git upstream). 

    The current pace of development is insanely fast and will even accelerate going forward.  Depending on the customizations made you might have to resolve merge conflicts with every upgrade but at least it will be manageable with a SCM. Longterm, it will probably make sense to "propose" some of the changes upstream so we can consider merging or even implementing the additions as part of the core features.

  • Thanks Guys 
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