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Staff not to see closed tickets

Hi Guys,
 Would anyone be able to shed some light on this please?
I am setting up a junior staff member , is there a way of setting them up, so that they cannot see the CLOSED TICKETS?




  • But they can still reply to open and also respond to new tickets.

  • Quoting myself:

    Did you set these agents to only see tickets that are assigned to them?

    If yes, have a quick look here

    If not, please provide additional info like what permissions the agent(s) have and so on, since I guess it's just a permissions problem.
  • Let me explain how we want it to work:

    We have 4 staff members, let's call them A B C and D

    A B and C are senior members of staff and they can have access to all new / open and closed tickets. (existing employees)

    D is a junior (and a new employee) and we this person to only be able to see:

    New tickets / Open tickets (regardless to who they are assigned to)

    We do not want them to see closed tickets (before they were an employee)

    Currently when a customer sends in a ticket it does not get assigned to anyone, therefore we want A B C and D to be able to see this ticket and be able to reply to it.

    Can this be done?

    Thank you.

  • Ok now I understand.

    I guess that this is currently not possible... but you could do a work-around which would cause a little extra work for your staff members A B and C.

    The workaround I am think of is the following:
    - For each "Department" you can create a "CLOSED_Department". 
    - Every time your agent now closing a ticket, the should first transfer it to the "CLOSED_Department", and then closes it
    - When your staff members A B C and D have access to the "Deparment", you just give A B and C access to the "CLOSED_Department", so that that the junior member D can't access the "CLOSED_Department".

    So in case this workaround is ok for you / your staff agents you can try it ;)
    Otherwise (with built-in group permissions) I guess it's not possible to limit the access in the way you want it.
  • Thank you for your help, I think it isn't going to work, but thank you any way :-)
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