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Hello everyone, I would like to ask a help not know if it's the right place, if not apologize, I'm trying to find a way to open a ticket by email, and also respond by email using osTicket, someone could help me on this ?? 

observation: my English is not very good, I apologize as well.


  • edited September 2014
    It's not your English. Your English is very good. Always start with a meaningful "subject".  "Help" is not meaningful, because it tells nothing about your issue.

    Before we can offer any meaningful help, please start with this post.

    You need to set up email, set up mail fetching, make sure the templates are active, etc. etc. etc.  It's more than we can tell you in this topic.

    What you are asking for is in the documentation wiki.To answer your question, you will need this topic.  If it doesn't help, then go up to the main wiki page and start at the top.
  • thanks jack, I'll be going to the wiki and return any doubts here. 
  • Sounds good.
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