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Error #1058 when I manage users

I did a
clean installation of 1.9.4 but when I run the page of the user, I
receive many emails Error #1054. I do not understand where I have the problem.
1.9.3 I have never had problems.


  • Error attach file
  • Versione osTicket: v1.9.4-rc1 (509e2f2)
    Software Server Apache
    Versione PHP 5.3.28
    Versione MySQL 5.5.28
  • Try a php update - I know that someone else also had problems, maybe different problems, but after a PHP Update everthing worked fine again. For example my osTicket installation is running with PHP 5.5 and I did not have any trouble with 1.9.4-RC.
  • Hi Chefkeks, thanks for your message.
    In my local server I have php 5.5.3 and 5.5.35 SQL but I have the same problem.
    I solved disabling the alert email for problems DB.

  • As a reminder this is a Release Candidate and should not be used in a production environment. 
    You should make sure that you report issues like this on github.
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