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File_chunk too large, upgrade problems


Currently using OSTICKET 1.7.0 and  I want to upgrade so that I can use the file storage plugin, and stop storing attachments in the database.

My file_chunk table is currently 382Mb, so after the upgrade I'd like to change the attachments in the DB, to be stored as files. Is this possible ?

Any advice on dealing with large file_chunk tables would be appreciated.




  • Once you have upgraded yes you can move the files out of the database and into the file system.

    You would need to install and configure the storage-fs plugin (and enable it). You can then migrate your attachments to a different backend via the command-line [after installing and configuring the plugin]

    Get a list of configured storage backends

    $ php setup/cli/manage.php file backends

    Migrate 100 attachments from database to filesystem:

    $ php setup/cli/manage.php file migrate --backend=D --to=F --limit=100

    Attachments of 8000 bytes and less do not affect database performance characteristics, so you could leave small attachments in the database if you wanted:

    $ php setup/cli/manage.php file migrate --backend=D --to=F --limit=100 --min-size=8000

  • Thanks for the advice.

    I've made the upgrade and applied the plugin.

    The storage-fs plugin appears to be working, as from OSticket I can get the attachment, and it is not in the file chunk file.

    However when I look at the folder for attachments all I can see is folders named A, M and N which have been created on receipt of an attachment. These folders seem to be empty, I was expecting to see the files I had put in the email.

  • I haven't switched back and forth personally so I'm not real sure what it should look like.  Did you run the migrate command? I dont think that it uses the filename for the files though.  I think that it generates unique ones.
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