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Ticket Edit: Make available a dropdown list for "Department" and "Assigned To"

Hello, I wanted to suggest the inclusion of a dropdown list or combobox, with the Values of Department, and another with Assigned To.

In the Ticket Edit view, it'd be great to add these two options. 

It takes a noticeable time to transfer a Ticket to a certain Dept., and then to Assign it to other agent, and then change the Topic, Status, Due Time, etc.

The simplier, the better. And we're not losing accountability adding this options in the edit view.



  • edited September 2016

    old thread, but I have same question now for our 1.9.12.
    Because this was not answered, I make my own MOD (attachment, text too long). 
    But "Assignet To" only, I dont need a dropdown for "Department".

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