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Hello & small query on OSpackage

Greetings all!
Just found the package and am impressed immediately.

Looked at the Wiki and it said that you have to be a bona fide member here before posting! What a great idea. But how does that work?
Is it tied in to the whole OSticket thang? :-)
Have I got it right - the whole package can interlock for a really integrated support system?
Even the Forum is a specific program and part of it all?

Am in middle of setting up a new Server and Site so am very keen to try it out a.s.a.p., but if this is correct - what a good thing!



  • This forum is just for support. It's not integrated with the support ticket system.
  • Hi Corey,
    I read this on the Wiki and thought what a good way to get some control over Wiki postings!
    Welcome to osTicket Wiki

    osTicket wiki contains tips and tricks, troubleshooting steps and other information about installing, configuring and using osTicket. We encourage anyone in the community to help share useful notes, documentation and information. In order to edit osTicket wiki you need to be a registered, proven (no spammers) and active osTicket forums member.

    Hmmnn, never really looked into Wiki because of its potential hazards (spam, nasties, etc) maybe there is a way to do it via the wiki???

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