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A few suggestions

I think you should offer a reset button for the statistics instead of forcing people to have to go through SQL to try and manually wipe out tables or what ever. Also, I think you should have a database backup feature and database optimization feature like most forum systems out there do. I have never seen any type of content management system / ticket system not have these features.

This is a really great ticketing system, but I feel there is still room for improvement.


  • There is plenty of room for improvement!
    In fact the next version is due out really soon.  While your suggestion will not make it into that release you may see it in a future one.  Thank you for your suggestion(s) and feedback.
  • edited September 2014
    :) very nice indeed.
  • @morthawt - I agree with observation about other apps having their own database backup features.  However,I'll never understand why any app should be responsible for configuring and executing backups of a 3rd party database.  My theory is that app developers dumb-down their apps to promote wider use.  Some users' forum questions seem to confirm this theory. ;)

  • It is all about the target audience. Why make something over-complicated if it can be made easier. It is why ready-made systems like this exist to begin with. Also for such things it is not really about "dumbing down" something, but rather adding convenience. I set up phpmyadmin and I am more than capable of exporting my database, but why should I go through all the extra steps if my forum/ticket/CMS system has a backup button in the admin settings already? Know what I mean?
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