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Filter on Variables

Seeing that tickets can be customized through a form, it would be of great help if Ticket Filters can filter by variables. It would be a huge benefit as there can be more automatic redirection based on a deeper tier of selections. Almost ready to switch software due to this.


  • So I'm not going to say this is a bad idea, because its a good idea.
    However there is no real way to sort on variables that do not exist if a ticket is opened via email.
  • Stupid question maybe, but isn't filtering of the form fields (not the variable but the fields itself and their content) already possible with the beta of 1.9.4 ?

    Just saying because I noticed that the filter have now the availability to filter based on the form fields.
  • I will try the beta of 1.9.4. I currently have 1.9.1. If this is so, then it will help tremendously. We are also not promoting generating tickets via email as we do want to emphasize that the variables be populated. Thanks guys. 
  • Is the form-field filtering available in 1.9.3?
  • No, I guess it was added in the betas of 1.9.4, so be a little bit patient until the stable version is released since betas shouldn't be used in productive environments.
  • Okay. Thank you much. Will try out the beta in testing.
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