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Add ticket_thread 'title' and 'body' to export? v1.9.4rc

I've been trying to add a little more data to the export feature an having no luck. I believe I need to add to the class.export.php and files. I've tried as listed below with no luck.

Has anyone successfully added to the export, or is anyone able to guide me through this?


class.export.php (addition is highlighted)
                'number' =>         __('Ticket Number'),
                'ticket_created' => __('Date'),
                'subject' =>        __('Subject'),
                'thread_title' =>    __('Title'), // Added 9/10/2014
                'email' =>          __('From Email')
, (added lines are highlighted)
//ADD attachment,priorities, lock and other crap
$qselect.=' ,IF(ticket.duedate IS NULL,IF( IS NULL, NULL, DATE_ADD(ticket.created, INTERVAL sla.grace_period HOUR)), ticket.duedate) as duedate '
         .' ,CAST(GREATEST(IFNULL(ticket.lastmessage, 0), IFNULL(ticket.closed, 0), IFNULL(ticket.reopened, 0), ticket.created) as datetime) as effective_date '
         .' ,ticket.created as ticket_created, CONCAT_WS(" ", staff.firstname, staff.lastname) as staff, as team '
         .' ,IF(staff.staff_id IS NULL,,CONCAT_WS(" ", staff.lastname, staff.firstname)) as assigned '
         .' ,IF(ptopic.topic_pid IS NULL, topic.topic, CONCAT_WS(" / ", ptopic.topic, topic.topic)) as helptopic '
         .' ,cdata.priority as priority_id, cdata.subject, pri.priority_desc, pri.priority_color'
         .' ,thread.title as thread_title';  // Added 9/10/2014

$qfrom.=' LEFT JOIN '.TICKET_LOCK_TABLE.' tlock ON (ticket.ticket_id=tlock.ticket_id AND tlock.expire>NOW()
               AND tlock.staff_id!='.db_input($thisstaff->getId()).') '
       .' LEFT JOIN '.STAFF_TABLE.' staff ON (ticket.staff_id=staff.staff_id) '
       .' LEFT JOIN '.TEAM_TABLE.' team ON (ticket.team_id=team.team_id) '
       .' LEFT JOIN '.SLA_TABLE.' sla ON ( AND sla.isactive=1) '
       .' LEFT JOIN '.TOPIC_TABLE.' topic ON (ticket.topic_id=topic.topic_id) '
       .' LEFT JOIN '.TOPIC_TABLE.' ptopic ON (ptopic.topic_id=topic.topic_pid) '
       .' LEFT JOIN '.TABLE_PREFIX.'ticket__cdata cdata ON (cdata.ticket_id = ticket.ticket_id) '
       .' LEFT JOIN '.PRIORITY_TABLE.' pri ON (pri.priority_id = cdata.priority)'
       .' LEFT JOIN '.THREAD_TABLE.' title ON (ticket.ticket_id = thread.ticket_id) ';  // Added 9/10/2014

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