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Upgrade from 1.9.3 to 1.9.4-RC4

I started upgrade as follows:

  • copied upload into webspace
  • a Button to upgrade clicked
  • error message was: [INSERT INTO ost_config (namespace, key, value) VALUES ('core', 'number_format', IF(@random, '######', '#')), ('core', 'sequence_id', IF(@random, 0, 1))] Duplicate entry 'core-number_format' for key 'namespace'
  • sequence id did exist with value 1 (it is okay) but error is throwen
  • number_format set by singel INSERT to ######

But now i am loked into the "Upgrade broken" Screen, some links how to get helb but i only want to go forward in the Upgrade or start once more.

What ist to do?


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