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User rights

i want to create a user who has view rights to all tickets posted.
i am unable to understand the team, group and department concept. please help


  • even when i create a user and assign him as super admin /lion tamer the rights are not given. only a few tickets can be seen
  • I dont know that this is really possible... because I personally haven't tried [we only need one department in both my production installations]. You would have to have the person have access to every department. So I think that you would need to go to admin panel -> Staff -> Department and edit each one and make sure that the group the person is in has access to every one (under Group Access).
  • @ntozier thank you so much for the comment. i tried but it doesnt work. however there is a field in the admin settings -
    unfortunately, it allowed all users to view the open tickets queue.

    Assigned Application: Exclude assigned tickets from open queue. 
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