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Make alerts to staff reply-able for staff who don't have quick access to the ticket system.

I have set up a convoluted system where my domain free email forwarding forwards incoming emails to a gmail that the ticket system checks and can make tickets from. Then when staff respond the clients can either reply via the website or via the email that is sent to them. But then I had an idea that maybe staff can reply to the email? But no. The subject is simply letting the staff know about the reply, rather than fully giving everything with the correct subject.

Could you (even if you need to add it as an option) make it so that staff notification emails about new responses to tickets can be replied to directly from the email in the same way that clients can reply via email? I think that would be perfect for staff who step away, or take a break and still have email access via their phone or another computer but do not have easy or quick access to the whole ticket system. At least they would have the ability to reply directly via email to the client.

Again, if the proposed option were enabled to allow this functionality.

What are your thoughts on this idea? I would think it would be relatively simply to implement since the system already exists for clients replying to staff replies, via their email received.?


  • Yes, this has my vote!

    Sometimes the web-interface isn't the best/easiest way to respond, especially on mobiles/etc.  It would also lend itself to some form of remote command grammar too. Like Spiceworks' "Tickets Anywhere", which could be useful.
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