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Personal Translation

Hi community,

thank you in advance to those who have created and edited the translations!
But how can I create my own translation if I do not like one or the other translated


I have already discussed it with Michael (chefkeks), but a practical approach, we have not found.

I look forward to your suggestions!

Best regards



  • I would ask the devs @peter and @jared that question.  I'm not sure that they had planned for having multiple versions of the same language translations.  But it would make sense. 

    I think that your best bet would be to download the one you want.  Edit it, and rename it to something similar.
  • Hi ntozier,


    thank you very much!

    >> Edit it, and rename it to something similar

    Can you tell me which program is suitable to edit phar files?

    Best regards


  • I'm not aware of any program that is suitable to edit .phar files.  Since .phar is really just an archive.

    But you can use php to extract the phar to its individual components.
  • Hi,

    >>But you can use php

    Ohhh yes, i'm stupid.
    I extract the de-phar-file in XAMPP, but ... oh my god .. 82 Files in 8 Directorys

    I hope, the devs Peter or Jared have a plan for multiple versions of the same language.

    Best regards
  • Given the scale and complexity of the project (close to 20K strings and counting) the multilingual support implementation is a work in progress bordering on complex to say the least.  We plan on publishing a guide in the future once we've completed all phases.

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend doing the translation manually. Your best option is to use Crowdin and work with community to iron out any wrong terms. Crowdin uses the concept of suggestions and voting - meaning no one translator is authoritative. Depending on your level of expertise, you can request to be appointed a proofreader for your target language.

    Even with community translation & voting - we realize some users will need to replace some phrases to make them industry specific. To that end, we're planning on proving away to provide alternate terms translation (overrides) via admin interface  - this will come about in Phase IV. 

    For those interested in the process see 

    php setup/cli/manage.php i18n -h 

    If you must translate it manually then look into how gettext works and see the command below on how we generate po files.

    php setup/cli/manage.php i18n make-pot

  • Hi Peter,

    the community translation is perfect.
    It goes just to customize just about a few words or sentences.
    I therefore wait eagerly for phase IV.

  • @gerd_r so should I close this thread?
  • edited September 2014

    yes you can close it.
    I called Crowdin, but the only possibility from this side:
    Meanwhile, let me suggest you the following workflow that could be used: contact the "osTicket Official" project manager and ask him to add a particular language to the project (e.g. Ndonga), so you will use this language to translate the osTicket into your native language. When translation is done, you should ask the project manager to send you "Ndonga" translations. I hope this workaround will work for you.

    Oh dear .....

  • @gerd_r - I don't get it - why did you need to contact Crowdin? You can already do translation via our Crowdin page.
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