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Bug found in FAQ rich text editor

Hey all,

release 1.9.3

I just noticed a bug in the way the "redactor" is selected by the button "clear form" ("Zurücksetzen" in german).

Around line 222 in staff/

    <input type="reset"  name="reset"  value="Zurücksetzen" onclick="javascript:
        location.reload();" />

The richtext area is not selected, there is just a workaround made with location.reload() to archive the effect.
I noticed this because I wasn't able to select the redactor with $(document).find('textarea.richtext').length (what gives 2 here because of the notices field below the answer region).

To select the answer region I used $(document).find('[name="answer"]').redactor('someRedactorFunction') here.
Maybe someone find it useful or have any other suggestions about this :)



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