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[resolved] OsTicket 1.6.5RC windows 2008 issue

Hi all folks,
 and sorry if this question is related to an old version of OsTicket, but my head and colleagues wanted my anyway to see if someone could help us.
We have a custom OsTicket 1.6.5RC working very well with Windows Server 2003 S.O (MySQL 5.5.27 and PHP 5.2.11 are the other components involved).
But, as you may know, that S.O. is a legacy one, so I tried to replicate the actual installation into Windows Server 2008 64 bit R2, maintaining the DB (with a restore) credentials and the folders structure.
Well, both login page from staff and from users shows me a white page only, without any error hint.
I checked also into Apache logs, but I didn't find useful messages.
So, is there someone of you which could help us solving this problem?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Marco Barbaro


  • 1.6.5RC?  There never was a 1.6.5RC release.  There were multiple 1.6RCs, and a 1.6ST.  After that it jumped to 1.7.  If you cannot upgrade you would simple want to move the code from the original installation into the new folder on the new server.  And then export the database (.sql) and import it into the new MySQL instance on the new server.  If you changed the name/ip of the machine you would want to check your /include/ost-config.php (note that in 1.6 it might be called settings.php or ostconfig.php and may be in the root folder) and check what you have for the address of your DBHOST. You also of course need to make sure that your MySQL user and password are right and have access to the "new" database (check the privs).

    If you are still getting a white page then changes are there is an error being thrown... You can enable error displaying in php or by following the wiki:

    Self-Help Troubleshooting

    If you can not find any solutions to the problem you are having, you can enable the "Show Errors" flags located in /

    #Don't display errors

    Change this to:


    Then errors should be displayed either in your web browser or in your server's error.log file.

    Moreover, don't forget to check your osTicket Dashboard page and your mail server log.


  • edited September 2014
    You're right, the version installed is osticket_1.6.rc5.
    Then... thanks for the detailed list of hints, however I've done all the checks and it all seems ok :(

    from settings.php:


    Moreover there were already the flags set to 1 into and notwithstanding this /scp/login.php and /login.php both show me white page (HTML code is empty)...
    Any other ideas?
    Thanks anyway,

  • 1.6rc5 isn't supported, heck 1.6ST isn't supported anymore either.  You do have to upgrade to 1.6ST before you can upgrade to anything newer if your looking to upgrade osT. 

    As far as your issue though I would locate the PHP error log and see whats being reported.
  • Hi,
      I've solved my problem :)
    When I reported PHP installation from Win 2003 to 2008 I didn't copy some modules/dll (mysql, ldap), moreover I had to copy php.ini too to make it work.
    After that I discovered that mysql dump didn't export SP procedures (I had another problem in showing tickets... that's why, like I told you, we have customized a lot that version of OsTicket), but at the end some google surfing and an old style debug (echos in the code till the right point) helped me to solve all the issues.
    Thanks anyway for your help,
  • Hey Marco, I'm glad to hear that you got this worked out.  I'll mark this thread as resolved and close it.  Please do not hesitate to start a new thread if/when you have another question, comment, concern, feedback, etc.
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