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Ticket Filter - Filter Actions - Change status / state

Why I can not set status / state of tickets by using Ticket filtering.

For example I wan to close all tickets via email which starts with    :HOWTO:
because Iam make my own HOWTO knowlege base, by sending old HOWTO (saved in my mail box) to the HelpDesk .
And I want imediately close all new tickets.


  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters -> any of your filters -> Status?
  • I'am in http://MYURL/scp/filters.php?a=add
    And I do not see any option to select "Status" / "State" Change option.

    I mean ticket status, but not "Filter Status"
    "Filter Status" is active but I want to close all matched ticket.
  • I'm not talking about Filter Status.
    I'm talking about Status (see image)


  • Server Information
    osTicket Version v1.9.3 (bba9ccc)
    Server Software Apache
    PHP Version 5.4.4-14+deb7u11
    MySQL Version 5.5.37
    PHP Extensions
    gdlib Used for image manipulation and PDF printing
    imap Used for email fetching
    xml XML API
    xml-dom Used for HTML email processing
    json Improves performance creating and processing JSON
    gettext Improves performance for non US-English configurations
    mbstring Highly recommended for non western european language content
    phar Highly recommended for plugins and language packs
    PHP Settings
    cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1 "1" is recommended if AJAX is not working
    Database Usage

    Do you have this o the same or newer osTicket version ?

  • I'm running 1.9.4
  • and all is clear I must to hurry up my website admin to make me a second installation only for test.
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