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problem in contacts information

hi, after upgrading to latest version 1.9.4 we are missing the contact information, it is mandatory for users to fill via web but when opening the ticket from staff panel comes null!  any idea!?


  • 1.9.4 should not be run in a production environment at this time.  I would recommend that you revert to your back up.  You have also not really provided us with much in the way of infrotmation about your setup.  What version were you using?  What do you mean by "but when opening the ticket from staff panel comes null!" Remember some times a picture is worth a thousand words.  Please help us to help you by reading and following this thread: Please read before requesting assistance
  • hi notozier, maybe i am new to osticke thats why.. ok i was using 1.8.2 and upgraded to this version... i needed the be able to manage the contacts and this is a new feature only in 1.9 so what you advise me to do now? 

    null means if user fills the info like his contact info, in the staff panel comes like he did not fill anthing.. blank... "select" only.. this happened after the last upgrade

    what you suggest
  • I suggest that you read and follow the posting guidelines at the link I provided, and provide more information about your setup.  Screen shots showing what you mean are good too.  There are 3 stable releases of 1.9, and 1 release candidate (beta).  You still haven't told us what version you are running.
  • Hi dear, sorry for the delay,

    Ok i have the 1.9.3 stable version, suddenly, contact information are not coming with the ticket.. i checked the form.. it is all marked as required...(i have a list, nationality, gender...etc)  i can fill it ok and it forces me as an end user to fill them.. but when comes to staff panel it is gone! no data appears... just blank... it was working fine... don't know why exactly happened this recently... 

    moreover, if created new ticket from the staff panel.. once you add the user, it says in red "Error adding user - try again!" .... if you clicked ok and try again, it says: "Email is assigned to another user" ... when checking users directory... the user is in fact added!!! but again, without contact information

    please help
  • Go to Staff panel -> Users -> User Directory.
    Click on your user.
    On the client view, click on their name up top. to edit them.
    Do your fields appear there and are they populated?
  • no, the data is not there, even the client is filling them as required field.. but guess what? after that, i removed the custom fields added "gender" it was a drop-down then it worked!!! that data was coming ok...  problem now i added it again as a new field with "choices" (make, female) data... and the new field is working fine.. but the old users who has those old field data are still there... so now i have 2 gender fields (one old, added only to old users, and one new for the newly created users... the old one doesn't appear for new users).... and problem is a delete button affront the old fields but can't be removed! once clicked it does not response... i guess when removed the old field i kept their values as it asked me by the system but i chosed to keep them.. now wanna remove them back and have only one gender field even for old users but delete button doesn't work as explain,.... any hint? 
  • I'm not aware of any mechanism to delete information like that after the you say you want to keep it.
    You would probably need to write mysql query to delete the records.
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