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Two requests regarding teams

There are two things that would really help with making sure everyone knows what's assigned to them as quickly as possible.

1.  Currently, when a ticket is assigned to a team, it doesn't show up in any team member's "My Tickets" tab.  If it could be adjusted for the tickets to show up under "My Tickets" for all team members, that would be very helpful.  Alternatively, adding a new tab labeled "Team Tickets" would also work.

The reason for this request is because currently, our team members are having to use the advanced search to filter for open tickets assigned to their team.  This works, but is rather cumbersome.  We use teams extensively here, very few people are assigned tickets directly to themselves.

2.  Currently, when a ticket gets assigned to a team, only the team lead is emailed.  I'd like to be able to alert all team members when a ticket has been assigned.  I thought there was an alert setting that I could accomplish this in, but I'm not sure if that's the case.  I'll attach screenshots showing my current alert settings.


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