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disable guest registeration

I'm using osTicket 1.9.2 and we have a problem with guest registering.
the staff who opens a ticket are floating between places and with different phone numbers but currently version 1.9.2 remembers people who opens a ticket and if they open another ticket in the future system will automatically open that ticket with the registered phone number and not with the new one.

Is there anyway to turn off or disable this feature from the interface or either from the code to not to insert data into database?


  • Admin panel -> Settings -> Access
    see Registration Required
    see Registration Method

    But I dont think that will help you since it sounds more like you want to be able to have multiple phone numbers for users.  Why not add a second phone number field to the form? 
  • can i just disable system to not to remember guest users ?
  • I dont think so, since by default this with out accounts couldn't open a ticket.  So its guest or user.
  • thank you, your suggestion worked for me, i removed the phone from contact details form so none of the names are linked to one phone number and then i added phone field to ticket details so it will shows under ticket details like a custom form information
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