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Email Ticket on behalf someone else

Frequently, I get a call from a client who wants something...
My whole reason for putting OSTicket in was to consolidate client requests to one location to track and manage it all....
To do this..since I'm on the process is today...
1. send email from blackberry to the helpdesk email account.
2. title usually states 1. who request for and 2. brief description
3. body contains details as appropriate....
4. later - edit the header details to update name/email and subject

In a perfect situation...I'd love to see that if a ticket came from a registered admin, it would open the ticket on behalf of the first cc address (multiple cc's stored and used would be very useful)....

This would save me effort of going back later (usually the next early morning), editing tickets to assign the correct "from" name and email via phpmyadmin (see other comments in mod section...I'm working on a tab to do this easier since my current method is 1. very tedious and 2. highly likely to screw something up sooner or later...)

Any interest on this... or is it just me...


  • I could see some nice uses for that. If you get it working, please share the changes you made, maybe we can get them added to the core application.
  • First Pass Solution

    Two changes to the class.pop3.php

    1. in getHeaderInfo - added the cc lines to capture info for createTicket if needed
    2. in createTicket - check if the from email is from one of the ost_staff table staff entries...if found...use the first cc address instead. if not found, use the from entry

    Changes to make at some point...
    1. use database entries for existing name lookup such that it picks up correct name rather than email as name which it does usually.

    2. similarly for the "from" ...use previous name entries rather than what's found in the email.
  • Alternate site posting

    I've put it up on my site too:

    My other mod's posted there too.
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