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Company Name is not changing in the Osticket

I tried to change the company name from settings panel but on saving the changes I get the previous name itself and the actual frontend site is also showing the same name.


  • It's a known bug in osTicket 1.9.3. You can either wait for 1.9.4. or look over at GitHub for the fix.
  • I upgraded to 1.9.4-RC2 and now it is fixed...
  • thanks worked for me also.


  • As a reminder 1.9.4-RC2 is a release candidate and not the final version of 1.9.4.  It really should not be used in a production environment yet.
  • class.config.php


            $company = $ost->company;
            $company_form = $company->getForm();

            $company = $ost->company;
            $company_form = $company->getForm();
  • 1.9.4 was released yesterday.
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